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The Cake World has established it’s product in the world of bakery and confectionery successfully.’ Giving the best’ has been our primary business motive and never we have compromised in the quality of our products.Looking back in 1966, Charles Biscuits Company manufacturing rusks was started in Karaikudi by brothers L. Soosai Manickam and L. Devaraj. Since then, 6 other successful branches have been opened all over in karaikudi.

In 1994, Mr D. Lawrence, Son of Mr. L. Devaraj, completed his Catering Technology at Thuvakudi, Trichy. He won the `Best Baker’ award during his training period. On the same year, D. Lawrence joined J. M. Sons English Bakery Coimbatore,for Industrial training. Looking at his capabilities, he was offered a position as the Chef of the same company and he continued with them. As a potential business man, Mr. D. Lawrence wanted to pursue his career further. He flew off to Germany in 1997 to complete his training in Bakery and Confectionery.

He dreams to start his own business in the bakery field, and, it comes true. `The Cake World’ was founded by Mr. D. Lawrence & I.S.Amalanathan. A spectacular shop was opened in Adyar, Chennai in 1998. Great efforts were taken to satisfy the customers’ palate. Distinctive taste and submissive customer service earned us growing popularity among customers, became one of the leading bakeries and confectionery around renowned bakery,`The Cake World’ was awarded for two years continuously awarded and established in the market for delicious cake competition.

The Cake World has won many accolades in cake making. Mr. D. Lawrence, By the play of the vital role in all the competitions and he personally has won many acclamations indeed. His decorations were highly impressive and were much talked about. Significantly, a cake weighing 1200kg weight and 125 ft in height was designed and done by Mr. D. Lawrence. It was done in the year 2002 in Karaikudi and the event was sponsored by Lions Club of Karaikudi.

The Cake show exhibition was conducted Mr. D. Lawrence at St. George School, Chennai in 2010, The Second one done by Mr. D. Lawrence WITH Mr. Ramachandran Chairman of Nilgiris at Bangalore in 2011. And the third one was done by Mr. D. Lawrence at Chennai Trade Centre Nandambakkam, Chennai in 2013. Leaving our mark, we craft our products with passion and vibrancy to the highest quality. We have taken great steps and each was a milestone. We believe that our leads will bring distinct completion within us and this will encourage us for a continued established growth in the future.